Unblocked version of the game Cubefield is amazing

Unblocked version of the game Cubefield is amazing

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In today’s modern world smart phone games have conquered the hearts of millions of game lovers all across the globe. We find a lot of games in app stores and these online games attract a lot of game lovers. Earlier these games were meant to be played through computers. One of the games that we know today is Cubefield 2 unblocked, which is based on flash. You can easily play cubefield unblocked version if you have flash installed and have access to the internet.

In this game the player regulates an object like black arrow through various obstacles which are present in the form of various blocks. It consists of a camera (third person) angle installed behind the particular object being regulated which offers a 3D vision of the entire world.

The main goal is to stay away from the blocks. Hitting one of these blocks simply ends the game. The points accumulate automatically with the movement of arrow forward. The longer you keep yourself away from the blocks the higher the points you fetch.

When we talk about the controls that exist with this game, they are quite simple to use. The object is directed with the help of left and right arrow keys on the keyboard. The controls used are neither unresponsive nor oversensitive. It is easy to control and learn how to use it perfectly.  You can also pause the game in the middle of the game by pressing the key P.  The key Q is helpful in changing the quality of the video game.

Once a particular run is over, you can view your score on that particular run and your main screen will display the highest score gained.  The game will not get monotonous as it keeps changing the colour scheme with shades of orange and yellow for the existing blocks.

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